Top Most Selling Soft Drink Brands in India

Soft drinks are artificially flavored beverages that contain carbonated water, fruit juice, sugar substitutes, and other ingredients. Coke, Thums Up and Pepsi soft drinks are the most popular soft drinks in India along with the mango-flavored beverages Maaza, Slice and Frooti.


The Sprite Lemon Drink brand is now the largest soft drink brand in India. Coca-Cola’s Sprite is the most popular lemon-lime-flavored soft drink and a competitor to 7 Up.

Thums Up

Thums Up is one of the leaders in the Indian soft drink market. The brand was acquired and launched by Coca-Cola to fight Pepsi. Thums Up is one of the main sponsors of Indian cricket and motorsports, and one of the most trusted brands in India.


PepsiCo’s Pepsi is the third most popular carbonated beverage in India, even after India’s controversial lists of water use, pesticide regulation, and Kerala’s short-term ban.


Coca-Cola Before Pepsi entered India, Coca-Cola was the leading soft drink in India. Currently, Coca-Cola is the fourth most popular carbonated beverage in India, and it is also on the list of other popular brands such as Fanta and Sprite.


Coca-Cola’s Limca is a lemon-flavored soft drink with artificial flavors. The Coca-Cola Company also owns a series of soft drink brands, such as Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Gold Spot, Citra and Maaza.


Mirinda is now owned by Pepsi and is part of the orange soda series. Orange and lime are two of Melinda’s most popular flavors in India, competing with Coca-Cola Fanta soft drinks.


The Fanta brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company has orange and grape varieties to choose from. Fruity carbonated drinks have more than 100 flavors around the world.

7 Up

7 Up brand soft drinks are another older and more well-known cold drink under the Pepsi brand. The young brand of 7Up has a new event called Golden Times.

Mountain Dew

PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew brand soft drink is a green carbonated soft drink in India. Mountain Dew Game Fuel is a new variant of Mountain Dew launched in India, bottled.


Maaza is the most popular mango soft drink, and now it also has orange and pineapple variants. The juice drink brand Coca-Cola is competing with the mango drink Pepsi’s Slice from Parle Agro and the mango-flavored drink Frooti.


Parle Agro’s Frooti is India’s most successful mango-flavored beverage and the best-selling bottled, Tetra Pak, 1-liter bottle and rectangular container of mango beverage.


Slice flavored soft drink by PepsiCo and currently advertised as Tropicana Slice in India. The mango drink is one of the most popular Slice Mango flavored drink in India along with Maaza and Frooti.

Slice drink contains fruit juice and new flavors with other fruits in the United States, such as Blackberry Slice, Pineapple Slice, Raspberry and Grapefruit Slice, Peach Slice and Grape Slice.

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