Funny Indian station names that will make you go LOL!

In the event that you love going via trains, ensure you recognize these stations when you travel through these courses. It will clearly stimulate your entertaining bone, and make you think how these spots got those interesting names. Furthermore, since Indian railroads fill in as the foundation of movement, the names of stations as we go through them are additionally fun activities during train travel. Notwithstanding, there are a few stations names that stay carved on our brains because of certain reasons. Peruse on to know why these stations have left their imprint to this rundown like that.

Singapur Road, Odisha

Indeed, it appears you can arrive at Singapur even by means of train! This station lies in Odisha, and obliges different express trains, like Korba – Visakhapatnam Express, Hirakhand Express, Tirupati – Bilaspur Express, Tatanagar – Alappuzha Slip Express, Samta Express, Puri – Rayagada Express, among others. These express trains go through the Singapur Road station, and head towards various courses of India.

Bhainsa, Telangana

Bhainsa is a town in the Nirmal region of Telangana, and is home to around 50000 populace. According to the records, just six traveler trains cross this station, though there are other significant rail line stations close to Bhainsa intersection, which are Purna intersection, Mudkhed, and H Sahib Nanded intersection.

Daru Station, Jharkhand.

This may help you to remember liquor, yet there is no association with it. Daru is really a town in Hazaribagh region of Jharkhand, and the closest station to this town is Hazaribagh Road railroad station.

Panauti Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh

It very well may be a troublesome assignment for individuals around here to pull off the tag ‘Panauti ‘, yet as is commonly said, what’s in the name. Panauti is a little town panchayat that is situated in the Chitrakoot area of Uttar-Pradesh, and has an absolute populace of around 2197.

Kutta, Karnataka

Indeed, here it’s not utilized as shoptalk! Kutta is a little town close to Gonikoppal in the Karnataka state, which lies at around 100 km from Mysuru, and sits at the edge of the Coorg district. Favored with beautiful magnificence, this spot has a great deal to bring to the table for curious voyagers.

Bhosari, Pune City

Bhosari, prior known as Bhojapur, is a town close to Pune city in Maharashtra. Popular for its creative worth, the significant fascination of this spot is the 2000-year-old Artist sanctuary. The historical backdrop of Bhosari town can likewise be followed to the period of Gautam Buddha.

Bibinagar, Hyderabad

Indeed, it’s not the place that is known for spouses! It’s a modest community in Hyderabad, and the closest station to Bibi Nager is the Hyderabad intersection.

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