Kim Kardashian Beauty

Kim Kardashian is an American Television celebrity which is known for her hot and $exy figure. She is the most famous personality of beauty and Wellness world. She is more active on social media especially on Instagram for her $exy booty.

She always follows a strict beauty regime. Do you want to know her secrets? So just have a closer look at her fitness secrets.

She always uses body oil before exercising to prevent stretch marks and cellulite. It is a great secret which is unidentified by the individual. Oil prevents the skin from the wrinkles and keep it looking younger.

Unruffled Lasers
The coolest secret of her hands looking beautiful and beautiful it’s only because of lasering. She owned revealed her secret on Snapchat by making a caption of “did cool laser on my hands to keep hands looking young”

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian seen on yacht in Miami during a day off of filming their reality tv show. Kim looked very fit in her bikini as she sipped on an orange drink as sister Kourtney chatted on her cellphone.

Exfoliating the skin is very important especially in the summer days because it keeps your skin always hydrated and free from the dirt. Kim Kardashian always do exfoliate on her skin. She said that she made her routine because of her mother’s “Kris Jenner”. It keeps her skin moist, younger, and refreshing all the time.

To protect her skin from the wrinkles and fine lines she always uses retinol cream for preventing skin damage. In Marketplace, retinal cream are common among the ladies because it uses retinoid to prevent skin from the aging and from the sun exposure. It is also a good way to give your skin firm and healthy texture.

Hair color
Kim Kardashian is always known for applying different hair shades. She often shares her videos on her KKW app. She has been popular for her bright pink shade hair.

When it comes to looking completely beautiful makeup is a way. She also shared her make-up techniques with Allure. She put foundation first then face powder than concealer and blend it with beauty blender sponge

Her secret of the $exy figure is only exercise routine which she never misses. She recently posted her lose weight and slim booty secret workout on the Instagram.

Disclaimer: The beauty tips discussed in the above content is suggested by Kim Kardashian who achieved great results by following above tips. But whether it is useful for others as well is yet to be proved and result may varies people to people under different circumstances.

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